How to Buy a Used Wetsuit

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If you decide to buy a used wetsuit, there are several things to look for to rate the condition of the suit. Let us assume that you know what kind of wetsuit you want - a full suit, or a short suit? And what weight and fit etc.? What to look for?


  1. Pick up the wetsuit and get the general feel of the neoprene quality. Check out the following:
    • Thickness. Old neoprene gets thinner in places with a lot of stretching, which means less warmth and more chance of a tear,
    • Discoloration. If neoprene has coloured outside lining, the colour of the nylon will be pale, if the wetsuit is old.
    • Paleness. If the wetsuit is really old, also black double lined neoprene will be pale.
    • Stiffness. The harder, stiffer and more stretched out the neoprene, the older it is.
  2. Inspect the seams for any tearing and cracking of the glue after checking the neoprene itself.
  3. Check the neoprene for any holes.


  • If wetsuit is in generally good condition but it has a hole, this hole can be easily and cheaply fixed.

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